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Summer Camp Jobs

Summer camps are always on the lookout for talented team members to help set up and run camp! If you're interested in a summer camp job, check out our job postings to find available positions in your area.

If you went to camp as a kid, you probably had a fun and transformative experience. You can help future campers enjoy similar experiences by making their summer adventures possible. From wilderness and sports camp jobs to special interest and Christian or other religious camp jobs, we've got the right position for you in our directory.

Camp Positions

CampPage lists a variety of summer and year-round camp jobs across the United States and Canada. Whatever kind of job you're looking for, you'll find plenty of camp employment opportunities here.

Camp Counselor Jobs

Camp counselors lead camp activities and supervise children in both residential and day camps. If you're applying to a camp counselor position, you have the amazing opportunity to help your campers have a fun and rewarding experience they'll never forget. In addition to developing recreational plans and ensuring your campers' safety, you'll serve as a mentor to your kids, teaching them important skills and lessons they can use long after camp is over.

Camp Director Jobs

Unlike camp counselors, camp directors tend to work year-round, managing staff and campers and facilitating program activities. They strategize ways to best run their programs, making sure kids and teens return year after year. These positions usually require more formal education to confidently run the entire organization from the ground up.

Camp Maintenance Jobs

Camp maintenance staff clean and sanitize all the buildings, equipment, and property on the campgrounds. Their hard work makes sure the facilities stay clean and safe for campers and camp staff. If you're interested in a camp maintenance job, many camps we partner with would love to hear from you.

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Check out our summer camp job board to see which summer camps are currently hiring. If you do not find your ideal job here, check out our complete summer camps lists for camps in your area to see if any have posted other jobs on their individual websites. Camps are welcome to submit a new job posting on our site.

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