Religious Summer Camps: Religious camps and summer camps with religion as a major emphasis.

Religious Camps

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Religious Summer Camps

For many families, faith is something that guides and inspires them from morning to night every day of the year, and yet, the demands of work and school keep them from devoting as much time and thought to spiritual discovery as they’d like. At a religious summer camp, your kids will have the unique opportunity to spend an extended period of time learning more about their religion, strengthening their beliefs, and developing their talents and social skills with other children and teens who share their values. Help your kids enjoy a fun, fulfilling summer while getting in touch with their spiritual side by introducing them to a youth church camp this year.

Is There a Camp for My Faith?

Although CampPage has the utmost respect for people of all religions and belief systems, we can’t guarantee that all faiths and denominations will be represented in our camp directory at a given point in time. Currently, most of the church camps in our index are managed by ChristianCatholic, and Jewish organizations.

Religious Camp Programs and Activities

Despite the emphasis on religious teachings and principles, youth church camps are far more than just prayer and bible study. Many religious camps promote the same exhilarating and enriching summer pastimes as a traditional camp: arts and craftssportshikingkayaking, and more. Having the chance to explore, play, and grow with kids who share the same faith helps children connect with their religion whether or not the activity is religious in nature.

Some church camps are coed, while others are exclusive to either girls or boys. Residential camps are a great opportunity for kids to become more independent and fully immerse themselves in a new environment by staying at camp overnight for the duration of the program, but if it’s more convenient or comfortable for your child to return home in the evenings, they’ll have just as much fun at a day camp. With the many options presented on our site, you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfect for your family.

Search for a Religious Summer Camp

If you’re thinking about introducing your child to church camp next summer, browse through our directory to explore the different options near your location. Each camp’s website will tell you more about their program, the activities involved, and the religious teachings they use as a foundation. Attending youth church camp is a rare and rewarding experience that will instill amazing qualities and memories in your child while bringing them closer to your family and their faith.

Featured Camps

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Johnsonburg, New Jersey

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Mouth of Wilson, VA and Roaring Gap, North Carolina

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JCC Ranch Camp Wilderness Adventure Program

Denver, CO

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Waupaca, Wisconsin

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Mentone, Alabama

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