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Organization Camps

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Organization Camps

Summer organization camps provide a fun and structured environment for girls and boys to enjoy their summer vacations. You’ve probably heard of some of these camping organizations before. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts camps, 4-H camps, YMCA camps, and JCC camps are known for their classic camp activities and inspiring instructors. All of these camps teach young kids and teens skills they can carry into adulthood, and they’re a fun alternative to staying home all summer, with adventurous wilderness activities that encourage your child to step outside of their comfort zone. 

Why Go to an Organization Camp? 

In addition to being fun, organization camps for kids and teens teach the fundamentals of teamwork and cooperation. Every camper participates in team-building activities that motivate them to reach new heights, whether deep in the wilderness or out on the sporting grounds. Many organization camps provide both overnight and day camp options so your kids can go home after a long day of camp if they choose.

While participating in outdoor activities like hiking and canoeing or experimenting with arts and crafts at the campsite, campers learn new skills, build self-esteem, and discover more about their own strengths and personalities. They also learn to be more caring, honest, and responsible—qualities they can take back to school at the beginning of the next academic year and carry with them the rest of their lives. 

Search for Organization Camps

CampPage is proud to partner with some of the nation’s most popular organization camps. We make it easy for families to find the programs best suited to their child’s age and interests. Browse our camp directory along with your kids to find camps they’ll love in your geographical area.

Introduce your son or daughter to an organization camp this summer so they can experience adventure and develop important, lifelong skills with new friends. They’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn, grown, and form strong bonds with other members of these wonderful organizations.

Featured Camps

Frost Valley YMCA Summer Camp & Adventure Trips Residential Coed Camp

Claryville, New York

(845) 985-2291 Website
-Rock Eagle 4-H Center Residential coed summer camp

Eatonton, Georgia

(706) 484-2857 Website
-Camp Kidwell 4-H Camp Residential coed summer camp

Allegan, Michigan

(269) 521-3559 Website
-Jamestown 4-H Educational Center Residential coed summer camp

Williamsburg VA

(757) 253-4931 Website
Camp Wiyaka Residential Coed Summer Camp

Richmond, New Hampshire

(978) 249-3305 Website