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Summer Camps in Alaska

Every winter, the residents of Alaska face subzero temperatures, blankets of snow, and an entire month with almost no sunshine. Enduring a winter in Alaska is not for the faint of heart. However, Alaskans also enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenery on Earth. If you've ever experienced a summer in Alaska, you know the majestic sights and sense of solitude are unforgettable.

Going to summer camp in Alaska is a fantastic way for your kids to not only enjoy these unique natural settings to their fullest but also dive into rewarding hobbies, make new friends, and grow as individuals. Learn more about the opportunities Alaskan summer camps have to offer state residents and visitors alike.

Alaska Camp Programs

Summer camps in Alaska offer similar experiences to those in the rest of the country, but with a greater emphasis on the activities and learning opportunities suited to the state’s environment. Thrill-seekers should check out one of the many skiing and snowboarding camps, but if your kids are more into leisurely sports, there’s no place like Alaska for fishing. The thick forests and harsh temperatures also make Alaska an ideal environment for learning and practicing wilderness survival skills (under careful supervision from experts, of course).

Although many Alaska summer camps focus on outdoor activities, there are also plenty of options for kids more inclined toward academia, the arts, and tech. Your child may enjoy acting, cooking, game design, science camp, or learning more about nature.

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Every good parent wants their kids to grow up to become well-rounded, productive adults. Exposing your children to a range of healthy experiences is part of that process. When you choose a quality summer camp, you're not only giving your children the chance to learn new skills from good mentors, but also to make lifelong friends, discover new passions, and gain independence.

If you’ve been to Alaska, you know it’s one of the most memorable states in the nation. Your children are bound to come home with rewarding experiences they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives. Use our directory to find the ideal Alaska summer camp for your family.

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