Wilderness Adventure and Travel Programs for youth

Fireside Adventures

Wilderness Adventure Coed Camp

Locations Throughout British Columbia & Yukon

Established in 2005

Fireside Adventures

Youth Leadership Summer Camps & Expeditions

Youth are always looking for things to do in Vancouver, Whistler, Sea to Sky Region and Yukon. When youth take leadership training and participate in outdoor activities in our Canadian wilderness adventures, they grow as young leaders and it creates a ripple effect to tidal waves of change. That's what happens when youth participate in one of our outdoor youth leadership camps. We ...read more

Coed Camp

Zeal Adventure and Travel

Adventure Travel Program

Hawaii, Alaska, Costa Rica, Australia, Spain

Established in 2015

Zeal is a travel program specializing in adventure travel, personal growth, cultural immersion, and meaningful community service. We offer two- and three-week trips to Hawaii, Alaska, Costa Rica, Australia, and Spain for youth ages 14-17.

Zeal trips are exciting, challenging, and unique. Zeal participants travel in small groups and are able to participate in activities that just wouldn't be possible with larger groups. Think ...read more

Coed Camp

Adventure Treks

Wilderness adventure program for Teens

Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, British Columbia, & NC

Established in 1978

Adventure Treks

Ever climbed a snow covered volcano? Slept under a starry sky on a wilderness beach or rafted a crazy fun whitewater river? Here is your chance! At Adventure Treks this is just a snapshot of your best summer ever. You will see incredible scenery, make great friends from across the country, laugh more than you ever thought possible, and become a better leader. A recent study shows Adventure Treks will improve the 21st century life skills you will ...read more

Coed Camp

Frontier Lodge

Christian Wilderness Adventures

Nordegg, Alberta

Established in 1959

Frontier Lodge

Frontier Lodge is located on a beautiful lake in the Rockies near Nordegg, Alberta Canada. Surrounded by woods and wildlife, the camp has a truly wilderness atmosphere that is relaxing and inspiring. A wide variety of outdoor programs are offered, including mountain biking, rock climbing, whitewater canoeing, hiking, caving and rappelling. In the winter, groups enjoy exciting adventures like ice climbing, snowshoeing, orienteering and survival ...read more

Member of Christian Camping International - Canada Accredited by the Alberta Camping Association Coed Camp