Page Sponsor Advertising

Page sponsors feature a full-color graphic linked to your website. The image is near the top of the page, before any listings. See Example. Only one-page sponsor is sold per page, and once you secure the spot it remains yours forever (as long as you renew yearly). If the page sponsorship you want is taken, email us to be added to the waiting list. If the page sponsorship becomes available, we will contact you (note: you must be a current CampPage customer to keep a spot on the waiting list).



Free if you create your own ad or US$50 if we create it.


  • Ad restricted to a maximum size of 360x80 pixels and less than 35k to download
  • Call (828) 877-6653 to see if your desired page is available, or to be added to our waiting list


All fees are yearly, due Jan 1st.

Page Sponsor Availability

Learn About CampPage Advertising

See Page Sponsor Advertising for a general overview. You'll find ad specifications, an example ad, FAQs, and more!


Free if you create your own ad or US$50 if we create it.


Enhanced Listing Frequently Asked Questions

Can we sponsor on a state/province other than our own?

Yes. Some programs like to sponsor a state where they recruit heavily instead of (or in addition to) their home state.

What kind of traffic do the pages get?

Complete traffic information, Google rankings, etc., can be found on our Statistics Page. Keep in mind that the value of a page isn't always in the number of page views. More important is how targeted the traffic is - we try to structure our site so that the traffic to each page is specifically targeted to that state or gender, making the traffic to the page of higher interest and quality.