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How do I add my camp to CampPage?
What is a Featured Camp Listing?
How do I post job announcements?
What is CampPage's billing policy?
How did CampPage get started?
What are customers saying about CampPage?
How do I get in contact with CampPage?

How to be added to the CampPage Guide to Summer Camps

Camps or Adventure/Travel programs for youth that would like to be added to the directory use the online addition form. To be deleted from the directory, or to make corrections, use our online update form.

CampPage is a directory for Residential Camps, Day Camps and Adventure/Travel Programs for youth. Please do not submit information to CampPage for a program that does not fit into those categories.

All CampPage customers are "featured camps" on a rotating basis. In most cases we change camps weekly, but we sometimes will make changes more often. Featured camps are highlighted at the top of the directory page.

Featured Camp Example:

featured camp example logo

Job Announcement Questions

How long will my employment listing be seen? We will keep your listing active through the summer (& beyond) as long as you are a current CampPage customer.

I ran a position announcement last year - can I just run the same announcement with a few revisions? Sure- just print the listing, mark the changes and send it to us, call us with simple changes, or use the form on our website (

How many position announcements can I have? Economy listings can post two job announcements, Standard listings are allowed three, and Premium listings may post four job announcements.

Do I have to pay up front? If you are a CampPage customer you don't have to pay at all! New listings will normally be added within a few days.

Payment for Services

Our billing period is January through December. We mail bills in November and payment is due January 1st. If you like our service and want to support what we are trying to do- pay your bill for the upcoming year, if you'd rather not continue our service, just email us or give us a call, and we will cancel your listing. There is no refund once payment is made. For secure credit card payments, visit our Payment page. If paying by check, make check payable to:

PO Box 2
Cedar Mountain, NC 28718

CampPage History

CampPage had meager beginnings in 1995 - we were totally free & had no income for the venture except for pages we wrote. We were amazed at how much camps were being charged for internet services and decided to do something about it. Some camp internet directories advertise over 15,000 listings. You do the math - pretend you are a parent (or college student looking for a job) that is new to the web and looking for a camp. Having 15,000 choices doesn't make it easy to find your camp. CampPage is simple to navigate around - you don't have to answer a single question. Just pick a state, gender, or activity & you're off! We get many comments about the "ease of use" on our site. In 1998, we expanded (slightly) to accommodate wilderness programs that spend limited time at a base camp. Since 2001 we have had a Day Camps directory. In 2010, we underwent a facelift that updated the look and added conference centers and activity searches.

Unfortunately we were not able to remain free forever, but our mantra remains- "simple, affordable, effective" to this day.

TrailRidge Mountain Camp became the first CampPage customer and had results right away with inquiries and a registration. Since TrailRidge only takes 10 campers we accounted for 10% of their total registrations!!

Our thanks go out to Mark Levin, TrailRidge founder, and to those of you that have followed since!!

What's Being Said about CampPage

Email excerpts from CampPage customers

Email from a New York camp- "You'll be happy to know of the 10 or so Camp Directories we use, Camppage has by far given us the most ‘visits’. Our webmaster tracked the web-trends from Jan-Sept and Camppage generated roughly 2800 visits!! This is in comparison to 100, 200 or 700 from other sites. (the 2nd and 3rd highest were at 750 and 600 respectively)."

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know what a great site you have for camps to promote their programs. Your site consistently sends more hits to our website and more requests for information than ****** and **** Feel free to use our name as a very satisfied customer or give out our phone number to other camps considering your service." -Lori Martin, Camp Director (MO)

"I discovered from our referring site report that more visitors come to our site from you than any of our other current listing services we pay for." -A.R. (Pennsylvania Camp)

"I find that we get solicitations from many webspace vendors asking four, five eight, twelve hundred dollars, and I am not seeing much return as far as campers. It seems I receive new solicitations every few weeks. My point is that maybe directors, in general, should avoid or carefully scrutinize some of these so that the good services, like, will become the norm." -David Trufant, Camp Director (NC)

"We know that there are several sites promoting camps, but we have found yours to be the best. Thank you for providing this service." - Vermont Camp

"I track the number of people who actually fill out our request form, who select CampPage as how they found us. I don't mind giving you the stats- CampPage ranked the highest out of the online "Camp Search Sites." It is interesting though, that out of all the camp search sites, yours is one of the few that doesn't provide a means for searching according to cost, features, or other specific camp attributes. I have always felt that most of the time, searching by those means is not very accurate." - Maine Camp

"Thank you very much! We get more inquiries from your site than from any others. Also, your site is very well exposed through the search engines. Thanks again." -C.H. (Camp Director)

"I am presently in Europe. I will send you our yearly payment next week. For your information, your site and are the two paying summer camp directories that are bringing the most visitors to our site." - Canadian Camp

"Thanks for providing this wonderful service.  Staffing is one of the hardest things we do, and it's nice to feel supported by other camp people!" - Vermont Camp Director

"We are very happy with the response we have had to our job advertisements because of the link with CampPage and hope to be able to list next year's staff vacancies this Fall." - Canadian Camp

How to contact us

PO Box 2
Cedar Mountain, NC 28718
Phone: (828) 877-6653

Physical address: 1234 High Rocks Road
Cedar Mountain, NC