Make A Payment to CampPage

The yearly fee for a CampPage listing is:
  • Economy Listing- $175
  • Standard Listing- $299
  • Premium Listing- $499

If making payments by check, please send payment to:
PO Box 2
Cedar Mountain, NC 28718

Payment by check in Canadian dollars or other currencies
If your check is in currency other than US funds, please visit to calculate the amount you should pay in Canadian Dollars or other currencies.

Credit Card Payments
For credit card payments, use the options shown below. Once you have added everything to your cart that you are paying for, you can proceed to checkout.

Amount: $
Pay CampPage Invoice
Economy Listing - US$175 Yearly CampPage fee
(No logo, 5 activity choices, 1 job postings, 1 state/prov, 1 region)
Standard Listing- US$299 Yearly CampPage fee
(Logo, 10 activity choices, 2 job postings, 2 state/prov, 1 region)
Premium Listing- US$499 Yearly CampPage fee
(Logo, Unlimited activity choices, 4 job postings, 3 state/prov, 2 regions)
Additional Camps - US$125 Yearly