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September 6, 2015

Why Camp Counselors Love Their Job

camppage-campcounselorslovetheirjob-1It seems crazy that a person would want to dedicate their summers to working extraordinary hours, caring for other people’s kids and exhausting themselves with daily activities and duties. Being a camp counselor is not an easy job. Often, camp counselors have responsibilities around the clock with minimal time off for themselves. They face issues that are normally left for parents, like cleaning up vomit or wet sheets. They coach kids through homesickness every day. So, why do they love their job?

Summer Camps Offer Great Job Experience for Anyone Working in the Fields of Child Psychology or Education

Firstly, camp counselors love to work with kids. Maybe it’s because we want to make childhood last as long as possible for the kids and ourselves. While being responsible for children for part of the summer has its challenges, it also gives us the opportunity to learn from them, to view life with a sort of simplicity that seems to fade away as we grow older. And, kids are fun.  Sure, they know how to push our buttons and put us on edge, but most of the time they just make us laugh, or ask questions that make us think of things differently, or they give us the opportunity to be really great friends and mentors.

Camp Counselors Allow Kids to be Mentored by Adults They Trust

When you were a kid, do you remember having a friend who was a grown-up (who may or may not have actually been a grown-up) who you just loved? They probably made you feel really confident about yourself and made you laugh and helped you try new things. You probably felt really lucky to have such a cool grown-up friend. Well, camp counselors know what it’s like to feel that way, and to them it’s the greatest thing to have the chance to be that person for campers.

Summer Camp Staff Learn Lessons Just Like Campers

Camp counselors also learn a lot with their job.  Kids are fantastic teachers who allow us to become better teachers and help us let go of the little things.  Camp counselors spend each day interacting with kids and adults, developing new exciting ideas and activities and working with other counselors who inevitably have more experience in some aspect.  Campers aren’t the only ones who have personal growth at camp – counselors get to work in a place where they learn in a fun and experiential way, which can turn into a truly amazing summer.

The Experience Gives Staff the Opportunity to Enjoy the Outdoors

The activities at camp are also a big part of why counselors love their job. Whether its rock climbing or pottery or computers, you can count on camp counselors to be there and teach those activities, because it’s what they love.  We get to spend our time doing something we’re passionate about, and on top of that, we get to pass that enthusiasm on to others. We learn more from our superiors, share experiences with fellow counselors, and teach campers how to enjoy and take pride in whatever media it might be.

At first glance, being a camp counselor might seem like a really tough summer. However, once you take a look at the opportunities provided in the job, there’s no question about why they love what they do. Demanding jobs are often the most rewarding, and that is certainly true for any teacher, leader and trusted friend.