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September 25, 2013

Tech-Savvy Kids Who Will Impress You

Computer Classes Have Come a Long Way in the Past 30 Years

The exponential advancements in technology in recent decades has spawned the rise of educational programs geared toward youth. While many kids have mastered programs that allow them to learn such crafts as graphic design, filmmaking, and architecture, some innovative kids have taken their computer knowledge to the next level.

Take, for example, UK teens Aaron Sonson, Satwant Singh, and Gregory Paczkowski, who after experiencing stop-and-search tactics by police several times, created Stop & Search, an app that allows people to rate their experiences after being detained by police. Using the app, people can learn about their rights and map their experiences.

Another example of innovative kids using technology Team 2-the-Res-Q, a group of four 14-year-old girls, developed CyberMentors, an anti-bullying Android app for young people, that focuses on building self-esteem and increasing safety. The app includes a messaging feature through which users can talk to a CyberMentors directly about experiences with bullying.

Both teams had gone through the Apps for Good course, a program that facilitates students’ access to hands-on experience of all the steps in new software product development focused on HTML5.

Zora Ball is another trailblazer. At only seven years old, she’s the youngest person to develop a mobile game app. Zora participated in the University of Pennsylvania’s FATE Bootstrap Expo in 2012 (which is usually only for ages 12 to 16). According to the Philadelphia Tribune, the first-grade programmer was able to reconfigure her app immediately after being asked, proving that she did all of the work herself.

More Girls Are Getting Into the Once-Male-Dominated Tech World

The world of geeks has traditionally been a mostly male one, but leaders in the electronics and programming industries have begun to encourage girls and young women to smash those barriers. As seen above, the next generation of computer innovators includes more girls than ever before.

Technology Summer Camps Help Kids Take Us Into the Future

Technology, engineering, and computer summer camp programs are becoming increasingly popular. Kids are, most assuredly, leading us into the future. Not only on the technological front, this next generation is also reimagining gender roles. Regardless of gender, girls and boys can learn, not just to use, but to create new innovative technologies.

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