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August 14, 2015

Summer Camps for Young Athletes

CP-bestsummercamp27In addition to building athletic aptitude, sports summer camps foster many other components of kids’ personal development process: discipline, wellness and nutrition, teamwork, communication, and leadership – are all woven both naturally and intentionally into quality sports programs. Beyond traditional summer camps, sports camps also create a unique bond among their participants because these kids are striving to improve themselves together – sweating together, and digging deeper physically and mentally together, strategizing together. Whether your child is seeking a scholarship for D1 athletics or simply wants to try his or her hand at a new game for the first time, there’s something for every aspiring athlete on

Summer camp will build both strength and values

Many programs developed by athletes and coaches make personal growth one of the most important parts of the camp. Basketball or volleyball is the context – it creates the structure for the day with practices and team-building sessions; but really, a good camp has a deeper set of values that run through all of the programs. Campers must learn positive communication on and off the court as well as team-based problem solving for confronting a particularly challenging defense. Many of these skills developed at sports camp carry over to daily life after all of the bunks are cleaned and the goodbye tears have dried.

What Makes A Sports Summer Camp Great?CP-bestsummercamp4

Camp counselors make all the difference. The ideal camp counselor offers a balanced knowledge of athletics and personal development and of course, a healthy dose of energy to keep campers enthusiastic. Let’s face it – sports camps aren’t always fun and games – good counselors need to know when to push kids that extra lap around the track and when to let them sub out for a point. A sports coach needs be able to distinguish whining from legitimate exhaustion, or a mild sprain from an emergency. And if your child is looking for advanced athletic development, you can look at the resumes of the coaches and the history of camp alumni to investigate success rates and stories.

The Staff of a Summer Camp is what Makes it Great

camppage-kidsarcheryEven if counselors are the best in the region, the camp programming and administrative infrastructure must also be there to support the perky personnel. To make sure the camp itself is high quality, you can look into its accreditation history and call the administration for more background history (such as its safety and emergency policies and history of incidences). You can also ask for the number of parents who have sent their children to the camp in years’ past.

Many sports camps around the country offer different levels for varying degrees of experience. Even if your child has never picked up a bat, some of these accredited programs bring in the “heavy hitters” (so to speak) to lay the proper fundamentals for future excellence. Search for a sports camp on today.