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September 6, 2014

Summer Camp Food: It’s More Than the Late-night S’mores

food-stockimageWouldn’t it be revolutionary if your kids wanted to help with dinner (and could actually whip up more than spaghetti)?

As our society becomes more food-conscious, summer camps around the country are acknowledging a tangible shift in priorities. A NY Times article cites a 2011 survey by the American Camp Association that 34% of its members have added gardening and cooking activities in the last five years. Furthermore, some camps are integrating more creative and health-conscious snack recipes (like gluten-free zucchini bread with squashes from the camp garden). Just as importantly, they’re more frequently enlisting campers’ help in preparing them.

You can encourage your children’s attention to nutrition and interest in food by enrolling them in summer camps with culinary and cooking classes.

Summer camp cooking classes offer a zest for practical knowledge

Food preparation presents real-life application to kids’ textbook studies in subjects like math and science. Why does baking soda cause cakes to rise? How much flour do we add if we’re quadrupling the recipe? And most importantly – time management. The brownies take 30 minutes to bake and we need to be ready in 2 hours, so how do we budget our time?

Summer camp cooking classes will help your kids see the connection between school and the real world, even if they don’t realize it at the time. Kids are much more likely to engage in educational content when they see that it serves their interests or a pragmatic purpose (like brownies). When they make a connection between last spring’s math final and the skills they need for making bread dough, they’re much more likely to develop a stronger appetite for both.

Throw a dash of gratitude into every meal through summer camp culinary programs

According to mom-blogger for, Dr. Alice Callahan, engaging kids in the kitchen fosters appreciation for the process of cooking and the story behind the ingredients. Through hands-on learning, kids will no longer think their pesto comes directly from a jar, but instead understand the ingredients’ journey and the energy invested in creating their meals. Come dinnertime, you’ll notice that your whole family can benefit from your kids attending a culinary summer camp.

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