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December 3, 2011

Summer Camp Care Packages – A Great Way to Make Kids Feel Special

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The Positive Influence of Summer Camps

Summer camps are the perfect place for girls and boys of all ages to learn to express themselves, become leaders, make life long friends, learn valuable skills and challenge themselves in a healthy, supportive environment. Most adults who have attended summer camp will tell you it had a huge impact on their life as a young person and was oftentimes the most fun activity of the year. Summer camps open up opportunities to explore one’s self and to connect with other young people that enjoy the same hobbies and extracurricular activities. Despite all the benefits summer camps can offer kids and teens, many children suffer form homesickness and miss their families while attending summer camp.

Summer Camp Care Packages – The Perfect Way to Say I Love You.

Keeping in touch with your child is a great way to ease the pain of being away from home, especially when kids attend summer camp for the first time. Writing letters and sending postcards, as well as a limited number of phone calls can be helpful for parents and children. Sending a summer camp care package can the perfect way to tell kids how much you love and miss them. Care and gift packages are generally accepted at summer camps and can even be designed specifically for your child at camp. Visit our Summer Camp Resources directory and explore the variety of companies that provide care packages and gift baskets made especially for summer camps.

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