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November 14, 2012

Sports Summer Camps: Grow Your Child’s Dream

The Olympics inspires dreams. If your child has been watching the Olympics and is now saying s/he wants to win a gold medal or a competition, it’s not too late to enroll them in sports summer camp. There are plenty of sports summer camps offering a multitude of sports that still have openings.

Tennis Summer Camp

If your daughter wants to be like Venus Williams when she grows up or your son wants to be like Donald Young when he grows up, tennis summer camp might be the place to get them started. It is one way to give them a step up to becoming a top tennis player or preparing them to be awarded a tennis college scholarship if they end up really liking the game. Many tennis summer camps are directed by the most respected tennis professionals and college coaches and offer all level of instruction from the most basic to the most advanced skill levels. Tennis is a game of inner intensity and takes extreme focus and teaches determination, endurance and accuracy.

Basketball Summer Camp

Basketball summer camps teach the concepts of the game. It’s the perfect place for new players get their feet wet. Through teaching things like good defense, passing, scoring and rebounding skills, basketball summer camp can show your child where they fit in and what they bring to the game. Basketball drills teach your child techniques that are fundamental to the game and help them discover skills they didn’t know they had. Drills also allow them to take something home to practice and improve their game.

Volleyball Summer Camp

Although it may not look like it, volleyball is a very physically intensive sport. Volleyball summer camps offer programs for new volleyball players as well as seasoned players. It  teaches techniques like ball control, blocking footwork, attack and movement and strategies of the game. It also allows players to interact with volleyball experts and even players they’ve seen on TV. Volleyball camp is a good place for your child to test the waters and improve their skill and appreciation of the sport.

Golf Summer Camp

Golf is one of those misunderstood games. Some people think it’s the most boring sport to watch but others know how exiting and skillful the sport really is. Golf summer camp is the perfect place for your child to explore their interest. There are golf summer camps for all ages and skill levels. Most camps offer individual instruction and teach swinging, pitching, and course play.

Hopefully summer camps will help your child develop skills and a lifelong love of the game but if not, there’s always next year to try another sport.

Camppage, A Summer Camp Directory

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