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May 7, 2011

Mommy Blogger Sites: Discovering Community Online

In the modern world of Internet and cell phone communications Mommy Bloggers have become an important resource for mothers across the country.  Online moms anywhere in the country with Internet access can discuss topics related to kids, career, politics, health, beauty, and much more. There are also many online communities for women where moms can speak their minds, contribute their experiences and share ideas in order to stay connected to other moms, families and women near and far. There are a few Mommy Blogs online currently that offer fun, exciting, useful and credible information for moms from many walks of life. is a wonderful, sophisticated  community of women bloggers. Many of the writers focus on issues related to parents, children and families. The content is engaging and thought provoking. One of the most exciting features on is called KidsGiveMeHope. This section of the site will make you laugh and cry and it will inspire you.
This website is an exciting and large online community created as a place for for moms to connect with one another and share experiences and advice. This site also features an extremely useful directory of resources for moms.
This website offers well organized and credible reviews of various products and places. features a large number of videos on a wide variety of topics from makeup to travel. The site also offers tips on subjects such as financing, parenting and more. is based in Boston and does provide some local commentary.
This site is made up of many different opinions about topics related to parenting and raising kids. It is a great place for parents to challenge their own opinions and beliefs. There is a great deal of information and discussion about the various stages of growth that children go through and how parents are affected during these stages. Babble also has sections dedicated to products, food, health, arts, crafts, creativity, blogging and more. There is also an excellent interactive feature about baby names to help expecting parents. is exactly what it sounds like: a mommy bloggers club. This is a great site for moms that are already blogging or are interested in blogging.  It is a true community of mommy bloggers that are strong, intelligent, creative, bold and inspired. Moms can find a variety of groups and in depth conversations related to almost any topic. is a self proclaimed “online hub for digital moms and dads.” There are some excellent groups to participate in and a great deal of information about lifestyle, food, technology, parenting and business topics. If you are a business or mom with a product you an request a review right online.