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July 20, 2015

Choose from a Variety of Different Summer Camps!

camppage-mountainbikingcoreprinciplesDay Camps

While overnight camps tend to have more diverse programming due to their longer duration, day camps often focus on a specific skill or interest, like basketball or computers and technology. Other benefits include the cost and scheduling: day camps are a more economical and less intensive option that allows your child to dig into one theme for a week or two before the next exciting summertime activity. You can coordinate a number of engaging day camps close to home for a diverse and enriching summertime experience without having to say goodbye for months at a time.

Overnight Camps

On the other hand, overnight camps give kids a deeply impactful opportunity for personal growth and building meaningful relationships over the course of a summer. Campers will build strong bonds over challenge courses, mess hall shenanigans, and late-night chats in their bunks. They lean on the support of certified camp instructors who serve as mentors in a long separation from family. This unique setting will boost kids’ self-assurance and let them be free to explore their interests and test their boundaries. They’ll develop friendships and learn new skills, and face growing pains and fears together, all while someone (other than their parents) washes their post-food fight laundry and helps them roll out of bed in the morning.

Sports Camps

When looking into athletic programs, there are two main genres: specific sports camps and general camps with many sports options. Nike Baseball Camps, for example, are located all over the U.S. and offer overnight, extended, and day camps. Nike’s program is designed to help young and determined athletes build their skills, break a sweat, and strive for a goal. Conversely, other camps around the country integrate myriad sports into a general camp program – from traditional programs like soccer, football, and volleyball to those of the less structured variety like a lazy afternoon kickball game or free swim session. For your kids interested in sports, an athletic program might be a perfect way to spend their vacation: training physically, learning new skills, and building team camaraderie and confidence.

camppage-conferenceretreatsScience Camps

science camps are as diverse as the branches of science itself. In a summer, kids can become chemists, star gazers, robot builders, masters of the kitchen (because cooking is a science, too!), weather experts, or zoo keepers. Kids will spend their camps learning and exploring without even realizing they’re studying. Video game design, LEGO robotics, space camp with real shuttle simulators, French cuisine there is an option for everything!

What strikes your fancy? The options abound! Check out science and sports camps for overnight or single day programs here:; and let the summertime fun begin!