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June 22, 2013

Find the Perfect Summer Experience for Your Child at a Camp in California

summer-camps-in-californiaExplore the Unlimited Options Available at California Summer Camps

California is a unique state. In addition to being one of the largest states in the U.S., it is also home to a wide variety of climates, terrains, cities, culture, art, outdoor activities and more. This statewide diversity makes the summer camp opportunities for kids endless. Whether your child is interested in music, art, sports, outdoor adventures, technology, computers, horseback riding or other exciting programs, there is a summer camp in California to consider.

Why Choose a Summer Camp in California?

Many parents choose a camp in relatively close proximity to their home, which often makes sense, but sometimes giving your child the chance to explore other parts of the country is an important and exciting decision. California is famous for Hollywood and L.A., but it is also known for it’s creative and performing arts communities, sports and natural beauty.

Outdoor Adventure Camps in California

Adventure camps are popular in many states, but California offers a diverse range of nature and outdoor oriented activities. Horseback riding, swimming, surfing, hiking, rock climbing,  mountain  biking, skiing and snowboarding are just a few.  Give your child the chance to experience the wonder of the mountains, ocean, desert, forest, animals and other parts of the natural world they have longed to explore.

Music, Dance, Performing Arts and Drama Camps in California

Hollywood and L.A. attract incredible talent from around the country and the world. Many people come to California with a dream of performing, dancing, singing or acting for a living, for this reason California is a melting pot of creative energy and artistic inspiration. Kids interested in a creative challenge that can inspire real artistic growth can attend some incredible California summer camp programs that focus on performance, inspiration, practice, commitment, originality and much more. Specialty summer camp programs for kids in search of more advanced creative instruction are also available.

California Sports Summer Camps

Although traditional sports like football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, archery and more are commonly found at most summer camps, water sports such as swimming, surfing, water skiing and sailing are often possible at California summer camps. What makes this possible is one of the state’s best assets, its beaches!  In both Northern and Southern California the beaches are an unforgettable experience. Sports summer camps are a great place for kids and teens to improve athletic and team building skills.

Science and Computer Summer Camps in California

One of the newest types of summer camps in California and throughout the nation are science, technology and computer camps. Many kids, both boys and girls, are interested in digital technology,  computer programming and gaming summer camp programs. These children have the opportunity to learn about the modern, digital world in a supportive, natural and  exciting atmosphere. California camps include various science, computer and tech programs geared towards kids of all ages.

California summer camps are an excellent option regardless of where you live. Give your child the chance to travel and enjoy a gorgeous, unique region of the United States, while learning, growing and discovering the world.

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