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July 15, 2012

Benefits of Sports Summer Camps

Summer camps are not just a place for families to send their children to keep them busy and occupied. They nurture a lifelong enjoyment of athletics and teach children lifelong lessons like sportsmanship, self esteem, inner drive and friendship. Camppage looks at the benefits of sports summer camps.

Sports summer camps teach sportsmanship
Baseball summer camps teach young players fairness, courage, persistence, and self control. They help children build character and teach them how to treat others fairly even in stressful situations and how to respect authority, opponents and other players. Sports summer camps also teach the value of playing a good game and to be a good sport and not a “sore loser”.

Sports summer camps teach self esteem
Young players learn how to interact with others, they develop their skills and apply themselves at a deep level and this helps them to develop self esteem. They develop positive belief about themselves such as “I am valuable,” “I am worthy,” “I am skilled and competent,” or even “I am an athlete”.

Sports summer camps build memories and friendships
Summer camps help children develop relationships with children and adults in a positive, fun environment. Through sportsmanship and the camp experience itself, children learn how to route for what is best for others. They develop sympathy, empathy,honesty and compassion. Sports summer camps teach children reciprocity; the equal giving and taking between two people.

Sports Summer Camps perfect your skills
If you’ve been following the world of sports, it’s highly likely you’ve read about the three young All Star Game baseball players Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg and Mike Trout. All these young players made it to the big leagues and the All Stars because of their dedication to honing and perfecting their skill. No doubt they went to baseball sports summer camp as kids.

Camppage, a summer camp directory
Camppage is one of the nation’s premier online resources for summer camps in the US and Canada. We have listings of all types of camps including specific sports summer camps like tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, swim camps, and more.

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