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Summer Camps for the Academic Achiever - Learn about all the academic summer camps: language, leadership, computer, and college prep. Choose which one is best for your child.

Adventure Camps - A Different Kind of Sports Summer Camp - Adventure summer camp offers activities that combine education with fun. Find the summer camp that is right for your child and appropriate for his/her age group.

Sports Summer Camps for Kids: Find the Best Summer Camps for Girl and Boys - Encourage your kids to explore the sport they love at sports summer camps. They will stay physically fit while building self confidence and learn other valuable lessons.

Summer Camps for Your Family's (Soon-to-Be) Famous Star - At performing arts, acting, drama and dance summer camps, campers learn what it takes to be a star. Find out more about the benefits of these types of summer camps.

Summer Camps for Your Young Adventurer - Learn how at adventure camp, your kids can explore, conquer the unknown, and challenge themselves in a trustworthy and supportive environment.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Academic Camp - 8 points to consider when choosing an academic summer program.

Why Arts Summer Camps Are Key to Child Development - Discover the benefits of art summer camps. Let your child paint outside the lines!

Why Choose a Summer Adventure Camp - Want to cure your child's summer doldrums? Try a summer adventure camp. Kids discover the great outdoors and their inner selves.

Why Choose Music Summer Camp? - Choose from an array of music summer camps this summer, if your child is musically inclined. Kids can learn to play an instrument, sing, and write music.

Basketball Summer Camps for Girls - Find the perfect basketball camp for your daughter, an effective way for her to learn strategic skills and life lessons.

Benefits of Attending Gymnastics Summer Camps - Learn the many benefits of choosing gymnastics summer camps. Campers build self confidence, discipline and work ethic along with physical strength and coordination.

Creative Skills Learned at Arts Summer Camps Help Combat Depression and Encourage Creativity - Creative skills learned at arts summer camps help combat depression and encourage creativity for adolescents who are struggling with anxiety and self-image.

Creativity, Imagination, Self Expression - Art Summer Camps Make the Summer Unforgettable - Art summer camps are a great way for kids to learn communication, creativity, and self-expression.

Encourage Kids to Live a Balanced Lifestyle at Sports Summer Camp - Sports summer camps give kids the opportunity to learn skills to help them live healthy, balanced lives all the time whether they are at camp, at school, or at home.

Encourage Your Child's Independence at Day Camp - Explore the different kinds of day camps to see which one tantalizes your kids' imaginations and fits with your schedule.

Facing Fears at Summer Camp - Learning to set goals and face fears is one of the greatest aspects of summer camp. Kids gain independence, become more confident, and experience personal growth.

Five Benefits to Sending Your Kids to Music Summer Camps or Arts Summer Camps - Arts summer camps and music summer camps are important for kids. Here are 5 benefits to choosing creative and arts oriented summer camp.

Five Reasons to Send Your Child to Adventure or Sports Camps - Adventure and summertime sports programs can be a great way to help kids improve confidence and skill.

How Camps for Kids Change Lives - Summer camps for kids provide growth experiences for children of all ages. Kids enjoy a vacation while enjoying their favorite activities. They also develop lifelong friendships.

How Summer Camp Programs Can Change a Child's Life - Programs offer a wide variety activities for kids to explore. Time away at summer cap can change a child's life.

Learn Important Skills at Arts Summer Camps - Kids can learn important skills like design, craftsmanship and expressing themselves at arts summer camp. They can also delve into their passion.

More Exercise = Less Depression: How Sports Summer Camps Can Help Your Teen - Keep boredom and depression at bay by enrolling your child in summer camp. Adventure and sports summer camps encourage teens to be active all year long.

Sports Summer Camp Teaches Valuable Lessons Necessary for Future Success - Summer camp is a life-changing experience. Learn the five most important lessons from attending one.

Summer Basketball Camps - Find out what summer basketball camps can offer. From individualized coaching, to thinking critically and providing health benefits, summer camp provides skills that carry campers into the year.

Summer Camps for Teens - Do you remember your summer camp experience? Read the many ways summer camps for teens can nurture and benefit your child.

The Benefits of Adventure Camps for Girls and Boys - Learn the benefits of adventure camps for girls and boys. Kids confront and overcome fears, develop teamwork skills and learn safety.

The Benefits of Coed Summer Camps - Learn how coed summer camps teach kids to interact with all genders in a healthy way. Is a coed summer camp right for your child?

The Benefits of Sleep Away Camp - Sleep away camps have many benefits for girls and boys. Give your child the gift of experiencing the magic of overnight camp. It is a right of passage they will never forget.

Top Five Benefits of Sports Summer Camps - Sports summer camps can be a great tool in helping kids develop self confidence and self discipline. Top five benefits of sports summer camps.

What Summer Camp Means to Kids and Adults Around the World - Children and adults alike enjoy making friends, having outdoor adventures and leaning new skills at summer camp.

Why Boys Love Sports Summer Camp - Find out why boys love sports summer camp.

Why Girls Love Sports Summer Camp - Explore some of the benefits and reasons why girls love sports summer camp.

Why Send Kids to an Adventure Summer Camp Program? - Find out why kids love to attend a adventure summer camp program. These summer camp programs teach kids about courage, nature, and embracing new experiences.

Why Sports Summer Camps Are so Important to Kids - Learn why sports summer camps are so important to kids. Kids get the chance to improve their skills, learn teamwork and learn what success really means.

Why Summer Camp is so Special to Children and Grown Ups Alike - There are many benefits to camping away from home, including developing long lasting relationships and building great memories.

Coping with "Campsickness" -- A Guide for Parents Who Miss Their Children - So the kids are at camp having fun, but you are a wreck at home?? A short guide to coping with "campsickness".

How to cope while your kids are away at summer camp - Discover ways to cope while your kids are away at summer camp. Stay in touch, plan an outing, enjoy time for yourself.

What if Your Child Is Afraid of Attending Summer Camp? - Is your child afraid of summer camp? He are some tips for helping them deal with being away from home.

3 Questions to Ask your Kids Before Camp - Discover the right questions to ask your son or daughter in order to choose the perfect summer camp.

Keeping Your Child's Spirits Up when Summer Camp Ends - Learn ways to lift your child's spirits and get them involved in activities they enjoyed at summer camp after camp has ended.

Planning and Preparing for Summer Camp - Learn how to plan and prepare for your child's successful summer camp experience. Read these fun ideas.

Preparing a First Time Camper - The better a child is prepared for her camp experience the more she will benefit from the time at camp.

Summer Activities for Kids - Explore all the summer activities for your kids at adventure and sports, creative and arts and spiritual and Christian summer camps.

Summer Camps for Teens - Do you remember your summer camp experience? Read the many ways summer camps for teens can nurture and benefit your child.

The Emotional Impact of Summer Camp - Learn how summer camp helps kids foster important skills for the future, build healthy self esteem and make lifelong friends.

Three Ways to Ensure Your Child Enjoys Attending Summer Camp - Summer camp can be an amazing experience for a child. Involve kids in choosing the summer camps they attend and they are guaranteed to have more fun.

What to Do if Your Child Did Not Enjoy the Summer Camp Program - Learn what to do when your child didn't like their summer camp experience: talk to your child, encourage them to explore other programs in the future, and tell the camp director what aspects were a problem.

3 Cures for Homesickness at Summer Camp - Learn what you can do to ease your child's chances of homesickness.

Homesickness is a Good Thing! - Homesickness while at summer camp can be a big opportunity for growth.

How to work through homesickness while your child is at summer camp - Learn some tips for helping the whole family process homesickness as kids gear up for summer camp.

How Can Summer Camps in the United States Become Accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA)? - Summer Camps in the United States can receive accreditation from the American Camp Associations or ACA. Learn how!

What is Summer Camp Accreditation? - Discover all the areas camp accreditation covers and learn the importance of accredited summer camps.

Christian Summer Camp: A Life-Changing Experience - Are you searching for an experience that is far more spiritually rich than a traditional summer camp? The benefits of Christian summer camp can make it one of the best weeks of your child's life.

Christian Summer Camps: A Wide Range to Choose From - There is a wide variety of Christian summer camps. Knowing the different types is a great place to start to find the very best camp for your child.

Christian Youth Camps: A Great Way to Connect with God - Christian summer camps provide a formative spiritual experience for kids and teens. They're a great way for Christian youth to connect with God.

Christian Youth Camps: Exploring and Strengthening the Faith of Kids - Christian youth camps offer sports, arts and adventure summer camp programs.

Finding a Summer Christian Camp: The Importance of Knowing their Reputation - Finding a Christian camping program that has a good reputation can be daunting. Read about the importance of knowing a camp's reputation and forging that formative spiritual experience for kids.

Researching Christian Youth Camps: Three Areas to Consider - Choosing the right Christian camp for your child to spend their vacation is important. They can vary in mission, focus, size and values.

The Benefits of Christian Summer Camps - Christian summer camps provide a unique experience with many benefits. They instill great values, help kids own their faith and allow youth to create great relationships.

Profiles of the Perfect Candidates for a Summer Camp Jobs? - Summer camp jobs are perfect for job seekers that like to interact with others, prefer seasonal work, and enjoy spending time outside. Are you the right fit?

So you want to be a summer camp counselor? - Tips for landing a job at a summer camp

Tips for Landing the Perfect Summer Camp Job - Find out how to land the perfect summer camp job by following these three tips.

What Summer Camp Jobs Are Available? - Discover all the fun and rewarding summer camp job possibilities. Free up your calendar and your mind as well.

7 Things To Help Sustain Your Child's Spark After Camp is Over - Some children need help maintaining that spark after camp is over. Read how you can encourage your children and help them become well rounded people. Skills learned playing sports transfers to other areas of life.

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