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November 6, 2015

Why Day Camps are a Great Choice for Kids this Summer

Group Of Teenagers Running Through ParkFor children who may not be ready to spend a lengthy period of time at a traditional summer camp, day camps introduce time away and ease children into an important challenge. 95 percent of kids experience homesickness at some point during their summertime away, so it’s wise to take baby steps. Learning to spend time away from the family is an important developmental step, but there’s no reason the experience can’t be fun and stress-free.

1. Families Save Money with Day Camps

Sometimes, a sleepaway summer camp just isn’t a feasible choice, but there’s no reason to sacrifice your child’s camp opportunities. Day camps offer an alternative. They allow families to save money for a variety of reasons. Since your kids aren’t staying overnight, there are no housing or lodging costs, no need for three meals, and many camps will allow participants to bring a meal to tide them over. The camp experience can provide a lifetime of benefits. Children learn the importance of physical fitness, important outdoor skills, ways to interact productively with others, and how to have fun. There are many programs to choose from, so you can fit your child’s school vacation experience into your budget.

2. Day Camps Help Kids Adjust to the Idea of Going to Sleepaway Camp

Not all kids are comfortable with the idea of spending the night – or several nights – away from home, so a traditional summer camp might not be the best choice for all youngsters. If your child fits into this category, there’s no reason to deny them the benefits of a camp experience. Day Camps help kids adjust to the idea of spending time away from home, perhaps next summer. Kids who are less social or have trouble connecting with others can get used to being away from family as a first step before they stay away from home for a longer period of time. This helps make the adjustment period easier and smoother.

3. Help Your Child Expand a Variety of Skills – Choose from Programs Focused on Sports, Outdoor Adventure, Arts, and More

Kids yearn to learn. Looking for a way to cure boredom? Day camps can help expand a variety of skills. They offer growth experiences for children of all ages. There are so many options to expand your child’s skill set, from camps geared toward sports, the arts, science, and other interests. Kids thrive when challenged, and camps that foster independent thinking can broaden your children’s horizons.

Summer camps come in all varieties. From those that focus on sports to the arts to learning about the natural world, there’s probably a camp that’s right for your child. There are as many options for day camps as there are sleepaway camps. Would your son like to learn to ride a horse? Does your daughter want to become the next Victoria Azarenka or Serena Williams? Maybe you have a budding marine biologist in the family. Wherever your son or daughter’s interests lie, there’s probably a camp for them, and you can choose from day camps focused on athletics, outdoor adventure, arts, and more.

Give Your Child the Opportunity to Grow Next Summer

As parents, we all want our kids to excel at their endeavors and enjoy living life to its fullest. Having a summertime day camp experience can provide your children the skills and connections they’ll need to build a better future for themselves and to fit well into their communities. If you are searching for day summer camps in the US or Canada CampPage has an extensive database to help you find the perfect one for your family.