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April 18, 2015

What to Look for in a Sports Camp Staff

1. Directors Must Make Safety a Top Prioritycamppage-whattolookforinstaff

Sports camps offer a variety of ways for kids to get plenty of fresh air and exercise, and we all want children to enjoy themselves, but we also want them to be safe. Outdoor activities can be risky, but directors of sports programs can minimize the chance kids will get hurt. In addition to physical injuries, there’s always a chance that someone could have an allergy attack or get sick. A good camp director will make safety priority one. Before you choose a summer camp for your son or daughter be sure and ask about the emergency procedures and medical policies practiced on site.

2. Camp Counselors Must Create an Emotionally Supportive Environment

Camping can be an exciting, fun-filled experience, but being away from home and having to forge relationships with people your child doesn’t know can be scary for a lot of kids. Counselors need to be prepared for a variety of emotional responses individual kids may have. Creating an environment that allows people who are shy to engage with their more boisterous peers should be a main concern of counselors and other camp staff. Great camp counselors recognize that every camper is a unique individual and needs to feel they are in a supportive environment.

3. Staff with Experience Can Help Kids Improve Athletic Skills

Kids intrinsically love to be physically active, but not everyone is a natural athlete. A summer camp offers your child the opportunity to improve their abilities while having fun and building new friendships. A good camp counselor will help participants build self-esteem and confidence by helping them improve their hand/eye coordination, balance, and endurance, all while having fun and forging new friendships.

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