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July 22, 2013

Summer Horse Camps: Plan an Unforgettable Summer Camp Adventure

The Importance of Summer Camps for Kids

Camp is an experience most children treasure well into adulthood. It is often thought of as a time to get your first taste of independence as a kid and to have your first clear vision of your future as a teen. Kids need to spend time exploring the outdoors, different activities,  new social circles and themselves. This happens in an incredibly fun and supportive atmosphere if you choose the right summer camp program for your child. At summer camp children have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of arts, crafts, sports, religious, technology and adventure activities. They learn to envision all the possibilities of life and are inspired. This experience helps shape the rest of the school year and gives them the skills necessary for navigating a complex and demanding modern world.

Summer Horse Camps: An Outdoor Adventure Available to Kids of Any

Many camps through the United States and Canada offer horsemanship and horseback riding programs for kids and teens. If your child loves animals and wants to improve horseback riding skills, increase confidence and learn to work as part of a team a horse camp is a wonderful opportunity. Boys and girls that are old enough to attend an overnight or sleepaway summer camp can generally take part in a horsemanship or horsebackriding summer camp program. Check with individual camps to learn more about their particular policies and requirements. Kids involved in summer horse camps learn to be responsible and accountable to each other, camp staff and the horses. Campers are excited and motivated to take care of the animals and each other.  This attitude is what will help kids live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Camp Programs for Experienced Riders

There are also a number of summer camps that offer more advanced horseback riding instruction. If your child is already experienced with horses, horseback riding horse camps give them the opportunity to practice skills, learn from experts and  improve performance. Kids with experience in horseback riding and horsemanship will also have leadership opportunities and be asked to help teach less experienced children about the basics. Of course a trained expert in horses is present at all times providing guidance and safety. Talk with your child about future goals in regards to work with horses and then choose a horse camp that will help them achieve those dreams.

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