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February 17, 2013

Summer Camps offer a Unique Alternative to Conference Center & Retreat Center Events.

Are you planning an event? Have you been looking for the perfect conference center or retreat center?


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When you plan a special event it is essential that the attendees have a memorable, exciting experience and leave feeling like they can’t wait for the next event. There are many ways to make events unique and engaging, but location often makes or breaks an event. Locations must be inviting, comfortable, beautiful and offer a variety of amenities. If you are interested in planning an unforgettable event then consider booking a summer camp instead of a hotel. Summer camp conferences and retreats create an atmosphere many people enjoy on a very personal level. The natural beauty found on most summer camp conference and retreat centers is also often a welcome change to any conventional hotel or conference center.

Planning your Event at a Summer Camp Conference or Retreat Center

Planning your event at a summer camp instead of a more conventional retreat and conference center has a number of advantages.

1. Lodging in Natural Beauty – Most conference centers or retreat centers located in the city are comfortable and even beautiful, but nothing compares to a retreat or conference center located on multiple acres of private land. It creates an exciting feeling of being in another world. Attendees are able to relax and enjoy trees, fresh air, walks and sometimes even lakes, mountains, horses and wildlife. Outdoor activities are also often available depending on the season. This kind of programming during a conference or retreat can greatly increase team building, personal connections and most of all FUN!

2. The Freedom to Be Yourself РMany people associate the time they spent at summer camp with a part of their childhood when they were encouraged to learn about who they were as a person. Men and women both often consider summer camp the first time they were allowed to be independent and when they started to identify the things in life that make them feel passionate and excited. Attending an event, especially a professional one, at a summer camp instead of  a more common hotel and conference center or retreat center allows people to go back in their memory to a  different time, a time when they were young and exploring all the possibilities. This creates a more positive, receptive and comfortable event audience.

3. Increased Privacy and Personalized Attention – Summer camp conference and retreat centers are often able to be rented or booked privately depending on the size of your event. At more traditional retreat and conference centers, hotels are often attached and any number of other events, individuals and groups are happening in the same location. If privacy and a more personalized approach will benefit your audience and attendees, then choosing a summer camp conference and retreat center may be the best choice for your event.

How to Choose the Right Conference Center or Retreat Center

When it comes to selecting the right conference center or retreat center for your event you must consider a few key points :

  1. What kind of location will benefit your attendees and best facilitate your message?
  2. What kind of activities do you want to have available and do these activities facilitate your event message?
  3. Do you need services like sound, food, transportation, etc? Does the location your are considering manage these needs as well?
  4. Have you already created an event program? If so is there any set up or event info you need created?
  5. How many buildings would you like access to and how would you like lodging to be planned?

Once you have the answers to these questions or a strong vision for your event you can speak to conference centers and retreat centers that offer a variety of experiences. Once you have outlined your options you can clearly decide what location will accomplish your goals and create the desired result. To search summer camp conference and retreat centers throughout the United States and Canada visit

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