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November 26, 2014

Summer Camps for the Academic Achiever

camppage-typesofacademiccampsLanguage Summer Camps

They say that learning languages staves off degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. They also say that it is much easier to learn languages as a youth than it is as an adult. No one has ever been able to figure out exactly who “they” are, but the consensus is clear – language education is intellectually and socially beneficial. Jumbled up with math homework and science projects, it can be difficult to memorize the Mandarin characters or remember the conjugations of the French past subjunctive. However, at language summer camps, campers have the opportunity to immerse themselves more fully in the language and actually enjoy the social pleasantries of exploring another culture’s lexicon. These summer camps, while still academically stimulating, emphasize the fun side of learning by focusing on application and engagement rather than homework.  Kids come away from language summer camp with a pleasant experience and a stronger sense of the subject than any school course could offer.

Leadership Summer Camps 

Leadership summer camps can take many forms. Some summer camps listed in the directory pertain to leadership in a religious atmosphere. Camps and conferences give youth the opportunities to take part in event planning, take on leadership roles in worship services, and take responsibility for the education of younger attendees or campers. This model is applicable to secular camps as well, such as traditional day camps or adventure camps that provide training for campers to transition to counselors.

Rather than integrating leadership training into a traditional summer camp, there are other summer camps that offer a curriculum based on leadership itself – critical thinking, communication, mentorship practice, analyses of positive leadership skills, and the like.

Computer Summer Camps 

In the span of forty years, we have drawn computers from the size of a living room walls down to wearing microchips on our faces. Given the possibilities within and using technology, the opportunities and benefits of computer summer camps are equally limitless. Campers can work on programming, engineering, mechanics, robotics, software or web design, creating video games… the list goes on and on. Computer summer camps provide a unique framework and the tools for kids who resonate with this field – like handing a canvas to a painter or clay to a sculptor and saying “go”.

College Prep Summer Camps 

College prep summer camps are a fantastic option for a variety of students at multiple levels of their education. For those who can’t get enough school, summer offers a time for extra education or to get a jump start on more advanced courses that will stand out on college applications. Your high school student could also use this time to take an ACT or SAT preparation class to support study habits for the college entrance exams. Additionally, there are summer camps for students who need a little extra “umph” to keep them on track, or for kids who have learning disabilities and want additional support.  Check out all of the college prep and academic support summer camps on CampPage.  CampPage has an extensive database of summer camps in the United States and Canada to help you find the right experience for your child during school break.