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December 20, 2012

Start Looking for Summer Camps Now

It’s important to start your summer camp search and evaluation process early. Many popular summer camps fill up fast and even start recruiting in September of the previous year. Early planning gives you a head start and relieves the pressure of the weeks before summer break. It also almost guarantees a slot at the summer camp your child chooses. Some things to think about:

Planning for Summer Camp Early Saves Money
Even though the school year just started and you’re most likely busy with car pooling, schedule coordination and after school activities, it’s smart planning to start looking for summer camps now. Not only will this allow you to feel confident your kids will go to a summer camp with quality programs, most camps offer considerable discounts for early applicants. Be sure to understand the camp’s cancellation policy before giving a deposit.

Planning for Camp Early Allows for Time Together
Make the summer camp search a bonding experience by spending time together and involving your children in the process. Find out what their interests, strengths and weaknesses are and what’s important to them. Do they have a secret desire to play tennis or mountain bike? Ask them what they’d like to experience.

Planning Early Gives you Time to Speak to Others and Visit the Camp
Referrals are always helpful. Speak to friends and neighbors about where they send their children. Then be sure to do your own research. If you belong to a forum with other parents search for reviews, recommendations or post your own question.

If you start planning a whole year before summer camp starts, plan a trip to go and check out the summer camp. It’s always best to see a summer camp in action. If that’s not possible, ask the camp to send as much information as possible and visit their website to find videos, testimonials, and other information.

To start looking for a summer camp that’s right for your child, visit our summer camp directory. Camppage is one of the nation’s premier online resources for summer camps in the US and Canada. We have listings of all types of camps including:

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