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August 5, 2015

Sports Summer Camps for Kids: Find the Best Programs for Girl and Boys

camppage-kidscamps.jpgThe summer camp industry often groups sports by gender, catering to social norms of boys in football jerseys and girls with their pompoms on the sidelines. Many young girls do dream of being flyers at the top of the cheeramid while their male peers grapple for the pigskin on the field. But we are also seeing more camps break down the gender stereotypes to welcome all interested campers to whatever field (or court) they want to play. With that, here are some of the top sports summer camps you can find for your son or daughter on

Cheerleading and Gymnastics Summer Camp

Cheerleading is a dynamic sport that requires precision and a good bit of leg work, so to speak. Both cheerleading and gymnastics are built upon muscle strength, balance, poise, and lots of practice. Your son or daughter could spend hours in the gym learning the mechanics of back handsprings and flips and then add cheers and dance onto their fundamentals. Check out the variety of cheer and gymnastics camps on


Basketball is a fast-paced game accessible to most communities around the country (both urban and rural alike). Basketball provides a great aerobic workout and develops coordination, endurance, and quick motor muscles. Given its fast pace, it’s a great sport for strong team-building with constant chatter across the court. This benefit carries into camp as well where lots of kids build lasting friendships and deep team bonds on and off the court.

Softball and Baseball

What could be a better way to spend the summer than dedicated to America’s pastime? Baseball and softball appear to be slower moving sports, but they require just as much training. Like other sports, they support hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, communication, and accountability. Softball and baseball camps are frequently hosted on beautiful college campuses around the country. See a new part of the world and hone your skills for travel ball or even for a scholarship.

Camps with Water Sports

Water sports cover a variety of activities including swimming, diving, surfing, skiing, and more. Swimming is one of the best forms of a full body workout: it is low-impact and balances strength training with aerobics by involving nearly every muscle group. At camp, campers are often taught basic to advanced water safety, first aid, and lifeguarding skills that will serve them for future activities or jobs.

Football Summer Camp

American football is a sport that inspires passion, dedication, and excitement. Some football camps are expanding their policies and programming to include both genders either as a co-ed experience or for a powder puff girls’ program.

Soccer Summer Camp

While its rules are pretty simple, soccer itself is physically and mentally demanding. At a soccer summer camp, casual players can learn the basics, while more advanced kids can hone existing skills and learn new techniques for evasive dribbling or tighter defense.

CampPage has an extensive database of summer camps in the United States and Canada to help you find the perfect sports camp for your kids.