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February 10, 2014

Sports Summer Camps for Girls

Cute Boy Sitting on a recently highlighted a study from the Archives of Disease in Childhood, finding that “only 11 percent of girls ages 5 to 8 get the recommended hour a day of physical activity, compared with 42 percent of boys.” According to Dr. Marj Snyder of the Women’s Sports Foundation, this is largely due to two presiding factors: an ongoing gender gap in school PE classes, and curbed confidence due to inadequate encouragement. Sports summer camps for young girls address both of these important issues, ensuring an uplifting and empowering environment geared towards exposure to the greatest joys of an athletically-rich lifestyle.

Sports Summer Camps are a Great Way for Parents to Encourage their Young Girls

Article author Laura Sullivan suggested that even if parents don’t play the sport that their daughter is interested in, this gap shouldn’t deter their level of encouragement and enthusiasm. They can help her find the ideal tennis camp or general sports camp that suits their daughter’s skill level and the family’s schedule. This gesture, in conjunction with an affirmative attitude towards her athletic endeavors, will lay an important foundation in her pursuit of a sport she loves.

Girls’ Sports Summer Camps Introduce A Variety of Sports During an Important Window of Time
According to the article, Dr. Snyder explains that girls enter sports later and leave more quickly than their male peers. Therefore, it is all the more important to introduce a variety of options during that window of time. Sports summer camps are ideal such introductions to multiple sports as well as for expanding that window by hooking girls’ interest. A dynamic curriculum in a supportive atmosphere with new friends creates the perfect set of circumstances for engaging girls on a long-term commitment to both sports and the summer camp experience.

Girls’ Sports Summer Camps Emphasize Confidence and Character
Lastly, girls’ summer camps are structured around building many of the important aspects of a young girl’s character that are often trodden on by other social influences – confidence, leadership, self-assertion, and the like. Today’s young women need a safe space where they develop these imperative pieces of their identities. By using sports as a vehicle, these campers are provided the same opportunities and personal challenges as the boys. Sports summer camps help girls not only meet their needs in the areas of physical health, but in their emotional and social health as well.

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