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August 4, 2011

Sports Summer Camps and Outdoor Adventure Camps: Get a Summer Camp Job that Keeps You Healthy and Fit

If you’re a college student, you’re probably looking ahead and thinking about a summer job so you can help your parents pay for that college tuition that’s piling high.  If you’re the outdoorsy, sporty type, you definitely don’t want to sit behind a desk or work inside a building.  You want to be active, outside enjoying the elements, and maybe even have a little fun!  What better way to do that than with a summer camp counselor job?

Sports Summer Camps

There are tons of different camps you can choose from such as sports summer camps and outdoor adventure summer camps and you can even specialize in activities such as summer basketball camps, tennis summer camps, mountain biking camps, soccer camps, horse camps, etc. If you’re active with or majoring in sports or coaching at your college, many camps are looking for counselors with experience playing or participating in their activity at a competitive level so you will have lots to offer.

Outdoor Adventure Camps

Outdoor adventure camps can be the perfect job for those who love the great outdoors. Many adventure summer camps are located in the heart of mountain ranges including some of the most beautiful hiking spots in the country.  Hiking is usually one of the major components of outdoor adventure camp programs as well as overnight adventures.  As a counselor, you will learn how to teach one on one and in a group setting. You will develop a wide range of teaching techniques, organizational and communication skills leading hikes and dealing with campers and their camp lives. These positions require all staff to be in top physical condition. You will most likely be required to participate in a wilderness training of some sort.

Why Work at a Summer Camp?

In addition to keeping you fit and healthy, summer camp jobs for college students are actually good for your career.  You will learn how to create lesson plans, develop projects, set goals, supervise and instruct.  If you are a college student focusing on a career in athletics, sports management or coaching, a summer camp counselor job provides a meaningful opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with children and building your resume.

Many universities offer internship credit in various fields such as parks and recreation, education, tourism, etc. Contact your school for more information.

To explore whether a summer camp counselor job is right for you, take a look at our summer camp counselor jobs listings and contact the summer camps listed there!