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April 5, 2013

Peer Approval Stimulates the Adolescent Brain

brainTeens Take More Risks When Pressured By Peers

Science Daily reports that teens’ brains are more sensitive to rewarding feedback from peers. The article posits that adolescents are more reckless than younger children, but they do have the knowledge and ability to make competent decisions about risk. The teenage brain is still developing, and research shows that teens are more likely to succumb to peer pressure. At this stage of development, the brain focuses more on short-term benefits. It takes several more years before the part of the brain that focuses on long-term outcomes fully matures.

Working On a Shared Goal with Peers Can Have Benefits

Sports or adventure summer camps teach kids how to support, encourage, and protect one another. The experience can help teens act as leaders and work together to achieve goals that include everyone’s safety and success.

Summer camps for girls that focus on sports as a way to help them channel their emotional energy, learn to have a healthy outlet for feelings like anger, and improve confidence in themselves, so they don’t feel defensive, which often leads to fighting.

Spending time at camp can help develop your kids’ love of physical activity, which stimulates brain development. Camppage offers a varied listing of sports summer camps.