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April 20, 2012

PBS Parents – A Great Online Resource for Kids, Teens and Parents of All Ages

Learn to Connect with Your Kids and Find Resources for Parents

Parents often discover as children get older that building and maintaining a close, intimate relationship with your kids is as complex and rewarding as any other kind of relationship. It is so important for parents to establish a role of authority and  guidance, as well as develop a strong sense of emotional support, acceptance,  trust and honesty.  Parents must learn to listen to their children, share in their growth experiences, let go when it is time for kids to explore who they are in the world on their own at school, at church, at summer camps, in dance classes and in many other scenarios and circumstances. There are a variety of resources available to parents online to help them develop ways of communicating and building long lasting, healthy, strong relationships with their children.

PBS Parents – A Great Way to Engage Your Kids

For many years PBS has been reaching out to families and providing quality television and Internet programming, resources and content geared towards helping parents strengthen communication and learning in the home.  The PBS Parents website is fun, informative, and easy to navigate. Don’t allow feeling of isolation make cooperating and communicating as a family more difficult.  Join the PBS Parents community and find the support you need to continue moving forward.

In 2011 PBS Parents was the first parenting website to win the prestigious Parent’s Choice Gold Award.  They have also developed new Expert Q & A and Issues & Advice pages. Other sections of the site include:

There are even sections of the site that can be found in Spanish. The PBS Parents website will also act as a portal into the family-oriented and kid-friendly programming currently available on PBS.

Visit the PBS Parents website to find out how you can learn to connect more deeply and authentically with your children and help give them the tools they need to grow up healthy and strong in every way possible.

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