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October 23, 2012

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Boys Town runs nationwide programs that serve families in need of care and help them build a brighter future. Boys Town has been working with children and parents for over 90 years. The Boys Town mission is based on “an unwavering belief in the inherent potential that exists in each child, no matter what their circumstances” and the “skill and knowledge to develop youth and family services that provide lasting, life-changing results”. Our Integrated Continuum of Care affects over 400,000 at-risk children and families each year. Boys Town specializes in “training, consulting and researching parenting practices that can help you in the day-to-day development of your children.”

Parenting.Org Provides Support and Community is a great place for parents to find the community and support they need when dealing with a wide variety of situations that involve children. No parent is perfect and sometimes getting a second opinion about how to manage or deal with a particular situation can help parents maintain objectivity and keep the lines of communication open. Kids live by example, as a parent it is key to teach your children how to clearly and effectively communicate, as well as how to cooperate with others and express themselves in a healthy and productive way.

CampPage Summer Camp Directory is another website created just for kids and parents to enjoy online. If you are searching for the perfect summer camp for your kids check out our online summer camp directory. We offer listings of:

As well as many other kinds of summer camp programs. Visit our online directory of summer camps for more information.