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October 19, 2011

Online Resources for Staff, Counselors and Directors of Summer Camps

Summer Camps First Aid As camp directors, it’s your job to plan, direct and supervise all camp programs and staff and be sure to provide unique experiences and opportunities for campers. To help you with this all encompassing job, Camppage offers a wide array of resources for camp directors on our Camp Directors Buyer’s Guide.

The Camp Directors Buyer’s Guide offers resources from camping equipment to internet marketing, health-care services to background checks, first aid supplies to fitness equipment.

Since the season is just beginning, let’s focus on some of the resources that might be useful to you now…

Do your campers need to have a little more fun in the sun this summer? Check out iZoom LLC, distributor of the Wahii WaterSlide, and create a waterpark on the camp lawn. At 75ft long x 12ft wide, the Wahii WaterSlide is the largest lawn slide on the market. Based on the “wahii waterfall slides” on the Fiji Islands, Wahii WaterSlides are durable and extremely slippery.

Need some new log camp furniture? Try Dundalk Enterprises, Inc. They offer outdoor furniture like kids play sets, kids log picnic tables, dock chairs, outdoor saunas and gazebos. They also offer indoor log furnishings like log bunk beds, log sofas, log dressers, and wardrobes. All products handcrafted and custom designs.

Uh oh!  You’re campers are just arriving next week and you realize all your basketballs are flat. And oh gosh! You’re short on life vests. Check out our Sports Equipment for Summer Camps page. It lists a wide selection of suppliers offering quality equipment. New England Camp Discounter carries all sorts of athletic and recreational equipment, first aid supplies, lifevests, grills and much, much more. They even offer a “2 Day Zip Ship/3 Day Zip Ship” guaranteeing your order will arrive 2 or 3 days. Another option is Anacondo Sports; they offer quality sporting goods and apparel.

Your nurse forgot to take inventory at the end of the season last year and realized she was short on supplies when she took stock this year. Check out our list of First Aid for Summer Camps Suppliers. MFASCO Health & Safety Co distributes first aid and seasonal products including the most commonly used supplies like bandages, ice packs, antiseptics and even sunscreen and sunglasses. Auntie Itch supplies the only known hypoallergenic, drug-free and herb-free ointment that works on all forms of itching.

Check out our Camp Directors Buyer’s Guide. We’d like to make your job easier! Is there a company or product that you’d like to share with others?

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