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June 21, 2011

Online Resources for Special Needs and Differently-Abled Kids and their Families

There are many online resources for families and parents of children with disabilities. Differently-abled kids have many challenges most people will never face. For most families with special needs kids, the challenges are faced by everyone together. It is essential that children with special needs and their families are able to find credible information, emotional support and an atmosphere of encouragement. There are many organizations dedicated to providing this assistance online, but most of them do not have the vision of Disaboom.

How Disaboom started.

Dr. J. Glen House is founder of As a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, who is also a quadriplegic, Dr. House has first hand experience with the challenges people with disabilities face every day.

The Disaboom Mission

Disaboom is dedicated it a clear mission: to create the first comprehensive, evolving source of information, insight, and personal engagement for the disability community.

Disaboom features the experiences of people from all walks of life. As one of the largest online networks for individuals affected by disabilities, website visitors and online community members can learn from medical experts and peers.  The Disaboom community also provides tools and guidance to help our visitors live active, engaged lives. Everyone from moms to surgeons to athletes can be found on Disaboom.

Most of all, the goal of Disaboom is to provide information, community and connection to help people with disabilities and those who support them to define who they are and what kind of life they want to lead.

Special Needs Summer Camps

Another way for kids with disabilities to learn to be independent and experience life is for them to attend special needs summer camps. Parents and families can explore a variety of summer camp options for differently-abled kids. lists special needs summer camps throughout the United States and Canada.