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February 1, 2011

Music, Videos and Games for Kids on the BBC’s CBeebies

Parents Must Make Smart Choices When It Comes to What Kids Surf on the Internet

Many parents carefully monitor the time their children spend on the Internet, that is why it is important that kids are exposed to websites and online communities that encourage them to learn, think for themselves and be active. Not only are parental controls for the computer and web browsers important, but being a part of your child’s online life and directing them to websites and online communities they can trust is also essential.

BBC’s CBeebies Website – A Place for Parents and Children to Explore Together

The BBC offers children’s programming through the CBeebies website, as website that allows kids to play games, sing songs, make crafts, watch videos and listen to radio.   Content found on the CBeebies website is created to be educational and to help promote healthy child development. There are also many areas of the site created just for parents and adults, looking for inspiring ways to engage their children online.

Summer Camps Support the Personal Development of Kids and Teens

There other ways to support healthy development in the lives of kids and teens. One way is to encourage your children to attend summer camps and day camps throughout the year. Summer camps offer almost any activity a kid can dream up including computer training, swimming, horseback riding, outdoor adventures, music, arts, crafts, sports and much more.