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December 26, 2013

Making Friends at Summer Camp that Will Last Throughout the Year

Summer Camp Fosters Fun and Lifelong FriendsKids learn so many things at summer camp. Some learn to swim, others learn a new craft and others improve their tennis game. These are all great but one of the best and most important parts of summercamp is making friends. According to Gary Forster, National Camping Consultant for the YMCA of the USA, the number one reason why kids go to camp is to make friends.

Finding Like-Minded Friends at Summer Camp

Summer camp brings together kids from all walks of life, cultures and geographic regions. It exposes kids to diversity and gives them a chance to explore differences. It also allows kids to learn new hobbies and skills and find like-minded friends. For example, a child who plays the piano after school may not know anyone the same age who plays piano. At music camp, they discover lots of new friends who share the same interest.

Having Fun Together Develops Deep Bonds of Friendship

Summer camp is filled with fun and lends itself to developing deep relationships. From the sheer time spent with each other kids learn each others likes and dislikes and also learn to build trust and confidence. They have fun together and bond like nowhere else because they are encouraged to just be kids.

Technology Makes it Easy to Stay in Touch After Camp is Over

In this day and age of technology, it is important to give your children opportunities to develop face to face relationships. It’s so easy to turn on the computer, check Facebook, text and Skype. While this is true and kids (and adults) can spend way too much time inside, texting instead of writing, Facebooking rather than reading, technology is a great tool and makes it easier than ever to stay in touch after summer camp. When camp comes to a close, the tears start flowing, and promises to stay connected are made. During this age of technology kids can easily stay in touch with instant messaging, texting, emailing or Skyping.

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