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February 22, 2012

Ideas for Gift Packages You Can Send to Your Kids at Summer Camps

Making Your Kids Feel Special at Summer Camp

When children go to summer camp it is not only an experience for the child. It is an experience every kid shares with parents and siblings.  Sending your child to summercamp for a week or a month or more is not as easy as it sounds. Parents worry and feel the loss of having a child at home, as much as kids miss their own bedroom, brothers, sisters, daily activities and more. One way to make your child feel special while they are away at summer camp is to send them a care package with gifts appropriate for their time away from home.

How to Find the Perfect Care Package

The Summer Camp Resources Directory on lists a variety of options where parents can family members can purchase gift packages made for the summer camp experience. Care packages can include a variety of things useful for campers:

  • socks
  • snacks
  • picture frames
  • toys
  • crafts
  • duffel bags
  • towels
  • laundry  bags
  • personalized, embroidered items
  • jewelry
  • stuffed animals
  • food items
  • flowers

There are also sites that allow parents to build their own care package with items they feel their child will love.  You can choose from many types of personal toiletries, toys, games, candies, fruits, flowers and more.

How to Say “I Love You” While Your Child Is at Summer Camp

When your child is away it is important to make them feel special and to remind them of how much you love and miss them. Choosing a care or gift package company that knows what what kids want and need while they are away at summer camp will ensure the gifts you send them are memorable and show how much you care.

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