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March 4, 2015

Core Principles of High-Quality Mountain Biking Summer Camps for Kids

camppage-mountainbikingcoreprinciplesMountain bikers are a close-knit community of professional and recreational cyclists. Kids interested in mountain biking are not only physically fit, they also learn to connect with and enjoy nature and other people. It’s important to send your child to a camp that you review and evaluate to be sure the it meets the highest standards. Here are a few core principles every quality, trusted mountain biking summer camp should follow:

1. Cooperation: Keeping the Outdoors Enjoyable for Everyone

Every experienced biker knows they aren’t the only people on the trails. In addition to hikers, the trails also attract bird watchers, campers, equestrians, and other users. It is key that areas open to everyone are shared safely. Bike camp programs should consider cooperation a key to a successful summercamp experience.

2. Responsibility: Respecting the Environment

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors knows the environment is a special place all humans must respect. “Leave no trace” is a well known saying in the outdoor sports world. It is essential that every mountain biker learn to clean up properly and use green, eco-friendly products whenever possible. Respecting nature’s beauty and power is the only way to truly reach your biking potential.

3. Education: Keeping Cyclists Safe

Any summer camp must make education a top priority to ensure the safety of everyone. Kids interested in bicycling must learn how to navigate the forest and all levels of trails. It requires regular practice, strength, and focus. These are skills best gained and improved when working with experienced councilors at camp or at school.

In many areas in the US, mountain biking can be enjoyed 8 – 12 months a year. It is not only a great sport to explore during summer vacation, it is something your kids can participate in and learn from during various seasons. Many towns and cities have bike clubs and communities to make it easier and more fun to visit a variety of outdoor regions. Encourage kids to explore activities they find inspiring all throughout the year.

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