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August 20, 2012

Great Backpacking Websites for Hiking and Backpacking Summer Campers and Staff

Backpacking and hiking summer campsHiking and backpacking is an outdoor pastime in many parts of the world. It is a wonderful way to get and experience nature and it’s a lot of fun but it also involves skill. Hiking and backpacking summer camps can educate your child about safety, guidelines and selecting the proper equipment. These backpacking sites can also teach them about backpacking skills, gear, outdoor activities and they can give them advice. They also offer summer camps staff and directors the resources they need to purchase equipment and answer questions. Some sites even have forums to answer questions.

#1 – A Backpacking Resource is a source for gear reviews, outdoor skills information and advice, and destinations for backpacking, camping,hiking, and other outdoor activities. Here you can plan trips, download hikes, find gear, and learn outdoor and survival skills. They also offer a forum, two newsletters and contests. The site is brought to you by Backpacker Magazine.

#2 – Videos and Activism

International Backpacking Association at is dedicated to helping others understand and enjoy the many benefits the outdoor experience has to offer. They encourage everyone to get outside more and backpack. They constantly add fun & entertaining photos, online videos, screensavers, desktop wallpaper, and information to their website. They are dedicated to promoting, preserving, and protecting backpacking throughout the world.

Online Videos of the Beautiful Surroundings of Different Hikes

Download or stream videos to experience varying expeditions to help you make your trip.

Take Action and Be an Activist

Get involved,write to your legislators,help push new legislation throughout the world such as the proposed California Wild Heritage Wilderness Act of 2002 that keeps wilderness areas protected.

#3 – Find Best Deals on Outdoor Gear

A quick and easy way to find info on hiker and backpacker activities. It’s also a fast way to find out who has the best deals on outdoor gear, including backpacks, hiking boots and shoes, clothing and accessories. They’re constantly searching the Web for best buys and good deals on outdoor gear, but they only recommend deals if they are being offered by a well-known and trusted site. Check out their site to browse the hiking clubs, locate a link to a manufacturer, find a promising trail, or look for a bargain.

#4 – A Place for Beginners is a website dedicated to the backpacking and hiking community. It is intended as a place for beginners to learn about backpacking and also as a gathering place for more experienced backpackers. Many people have used to meet fellow outdoor enthusiasts in their area. All the backpacking gear reviews and hiking trail reviews are submitted by the people just like you. Some reviews are positive and some reviews are negative. There are no “professional experts” on their site. Everyone is welcome to voice their opinion, that includes occasional day hikers,weekend backpackers, thru-hikers and those just dreaming about starting to backpack.

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