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March 11, 2015

Core Principles of Top Gymnastics Camps

camppage-principlesofgymnasticsThere are several types of camps for your budding or experienced gymnast. There are elite, commercial, and collegiate programs. Depending upon your children’s interests and skill level, there are many options to help you find the right gymnastics camp. Before you and your kids make a decision, be sure the camp you choose has the core principles that all top gymnastics camps share:

1. Great Summer Camps Have State-of-the-Art Facilities

Top gym camps offer the latest gym design and facilities. They offer multiple sets of the latest and greatest training equipment: trampolines and bungee pits.

2. A Certified, Professional Coaching Staff Guarantees Safety

Top programs offer coaches who are presently competing collegiate gymnasts, collegiate coaches, and national team members. Some even offer Olympians, Olympic coaches, and World Champions. All coaching and counseling staff are USA Gymnastics Safety Certified, and counseling/recreation staff are invested and experienced in the field of child development.

3. Great Organizations Give Kids the Opportunity to Have Fun and Socialize

While the focus is on the mechanics of gym activities, top courses make sure their campers also have fun and try other activities like swimming, hiking, and arts and crafts. They also teach kids to support and encourage one another while working as a team.

4. Inspire Self Confidence at Gymnastics Summer Camp

The #1 priority is to further develop campers as gymnasts. However, they also offer programs that help them develop as people. The problems they solve, the independence they gain, allows campers to feel positively about themselves and their accomplishments inside and outside the gym.

Gymnastics summer camps are not only the perfect training arena for any child who wants to build coordination, strength, and flexibility, they are also an excellent place to inspire self confidence. Whether your child is an advanced gymnast or is just starting out, gymnastics summer camps are an excellent place for them to learn, make friends, have fun, and build character.