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June 18, 2015

Core Principles of the Best Hiking and Backpacking Summer Camps

camppage-hikingsignBackpacking is not only an unforgettable experience, it’s the backbone of a community of people who love to explore different terrains, climates, flora, and fauna first hand. They love to watch the sun go down every evening and wake when the sun rises in the morning. They hear the birds and look at the stars, they make friends with new people when they cross paths in the wilderness, and they love to breath the fresh air. If your kids want to learn about backpacking and hiking they should attend a camp that offers experienced instructors and some important core principles such as:

1. Inspiring People to Connect

Backpacking and hiking inspires kids and adults to connect with themselves, other people sharing the trails, and the environment. It encourages kids to make new friends while also spending quality time alone in nature. Spending the summer engaging in this healthy activity teaches children about sustainability and low-impact living in the wilderness. After attending a summertime program, kids who were allowed to backpack, camp, and hike return home inspired and excited. This rejuvenation can last long after summer vacation has ended.

2. Respecting Nature and Others

Outdoor programs often identify sustainable, green, and low-impact practices as required for any serious, responsible backpacking expedition. Communing with nature is a powerful and beautiful way to spend time, especially for kids. It’s essential that children learn to respect nature as well as appreciate it. The flora and fauna can be explored and investigated. Scenic views, rare bird sightings, and other outdoor adventures await children who spend quality time outside.

3. Educating and Promoting Leadership

Accredited, well known, successful programs generally provide summertime that include community service and education. This ensures have kids have the chance to participate in a community atmosphere and learn the importance of safety.

Hiking and backpacking summer camps can be the perfect getaway for any child who loves the great outdoors and wants to see the world. If your child has an adventurous spirit, making friends away from home is a wonderful way for them to gain skills that will last a lifetime.

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