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February 15, 2015

Why Technology and Computer Summer Camps Are Increasingly Valuable to the Next Generation

camppage-techiesofthefutureYou can see the metamorphosis in your own home. Whereas you grew up with maps, record players, and telescopes, your kids punch a destination into their GPS, download music from the internet and point an app at the stars. Grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe was passed to you in an old hand-written index card; they Pin it to some cyber wall and share with the world. You followed fashion trends that migrated over from Europe on a three-year delay; they throw on leg warmers and start twerking like the latest video-gone-viral with over 1,200,000 views in 24 hours. The fusion of technology and society, especially with younger generations, is undeniable. This makes the support and encouragement of your child’s interests in technology sciences that much more important (deriving from organic attraction of course). Technology and computer summer camps  will put your child at the cusp of the most rapidly booming industry and prominent vehicles for socio-economic change that the world has ever known.

Give Kids the Opportunity to Explore the Globe 

The summer camp opportunities for kids interested in this field are expansive. At technology and computer summer camps, kids can build video games and computers, enhance their problem-solving skills through the creation of robots or phone apps, and even explore the field of nanobiotechnology. One emergent field is GIS, which uses hardware, software and data to capture, analyze, and present geographical information. GIS is used in myriad fields such as ecology, biology research, civic engineering, food security, city planning, and more. Technology and computer summer camps often get a bad rap Summer camps that build skill sets in these fields offer education in the form of adventure and supportive exploration and take kids all over the world.

Summer Camp Programs Can Support the Innovators of the Future 

Campers at technology and computer summer camps learn that if there is not a clear solution to a problem, they can invent a solution. If there is not enough pie, they don’t try to re-divide it – they create a bigger pie. The future of American innovation resides in critical thinking (not to put pressure on your kids’ shoulders – but to encourage thinking outside of the box, or the elimination of the box altogether). These camps are the ideal learning environment – often in dorms of college campuses, they create and encourage community and offer guidance while balancing structured education with independent living and free exploration.

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