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January 9, 2015

Why Your Group Should Consider a Company Retreat

b2bmeetingA New Environment

Getting away from they daily grind allows management and staff to relax, to relate to each other as people – not just coworkers – and to have a little fun. Time away from the office offers team-building opportunities and allows everyone to discuss creative ways to address concerns while building toward future successes.

Have Clear Intentions and Goals

A successful retreat is one in which thoughtful planning has taken place before everyone arrives. Things to consider when preparing include:

  • Who should attend
  • Developing a long-term strategy
  • Preparing to launch a new project/product
  • Team-building
  • Honoring and rewarding your staff

Having a clear focus allows the group to innovate, see new possibilities, and envision the goals in new and refreshed ways.

Be Realistic About What a Retreat Can Accomplish, but Make It Special

Expectations that are too high can backfire if the topic at hand requires a longer-term process. On the other hand, creating an experience that is just like a regular board or staff meeting – only longer – doesn’t do much to motivate participants, and little positive will be taken away.

Take Time to Reflect

The day-to-day routine of your organization can be hectic. The next project is always looming, and the unexpected issues that crop up with the current one have your staff fully engaged in the now and the future. Rarely is there time to think back on past challenges and successes. Spending time away from the workplace allows everyone to contemplate what they’ve learned from past mistakes, plan to address future challenges, and pat themselves on the back for the wins, big and small.

A retreat affirms that your shared work is important enough for the investment of significant time and energy, and can be highly effective for supporting teambuilding with a purposeful connection to the work.

Why a Summer Camp is the Perfect Location for your next Team Building Getaway

Summer camp is a universal reminder of making friends, learning new things, escaping the mundane, and having fun. Bring your colleagues, employees, staff members, volunteers, or team to get away from the everyday, make connections, and spend time being creative and sharing ideas. Don’t go to just any old hotel or conference center, spend your next retreat in the outdoors getting a fresh perspective!

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