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June 15, 2012

Choose Fun and Money Over Unpaid Internship this Summer

Boy at Summer CampAre you on the fence about what to do this summer? Are you toying with the idea of doing something “useful” for your career like an unpaid internship or something traditional like life-guarding or camp counseling? We say go for the old school summer and get a job as a summer camp counselor.

Pros and Cons of Unpaid Internships

Although there are some pros to unpaid internships like potential resume building, training, and networking, the cons outweigh them. According to “Dump That Internship” by Ross Perlin, “studies show that unpaid interns experienced no advantage in the job market and no higher starting salary as a result of all their free labor. In fact, American companies save $2 billion every year from interns working for free. Good intentions about educating, training, mentoring and recruiting interns are largely getting lost in the shuffle.” More cons about unpaid internships:

  • Unpaid internships can be a waste of time. You may find that it wasn’t what you expected or you learn you don’t like the industry or the company was just looking for free labor.
  • Unpaid internships are not real-world job experiences. Your interactions with other employees are unlikely to reflect a real work experience.
  • Training may be sub par since some employers don’t take internships seriously.

Use your time wisely this summer: have fun and get paid at the same time!

Benefits of Sports Summer Camps Jobs

If you are a person who loves sports, summer camp counseling is the job for you. There are so many sports summer camps to choose from and the valuable lessons you gain from the experience will last a lifetime. You develop skills and grow inside and out. Summer camp teaches team work, independence, social skills, appreciation for nature, and self discipline. Not to mention by working at a sports camps you get to participate in the sport you love all summer and get paid!

If you’re intrigued, check out our summer camp directory. CampPage is one of the nation’s premier online resources for summer camp information in the US and Canada. We have listings for all types of camps and camp jobs including for specific sports camps: