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February 5, 2013

Art and Music Help Children Develop

Learning Music Grows Kids’ Brains

According to Lily Avnet’s article in the Huffington Post, Music Lessons Early In Life Could Boost Brain Development, Study Suggests, children who receive music lessons early in life develop brain mass faster than those who don’t learn music.

The Journal of Neuroscience reports that musicians who began to playing a musical instrument before the age of seven have better auditory and visual motor skills than those who started later in life. Kids who begin taking music lessons before their seventh birthday tend to have more white matter in a part of the brain called the corpus callosum, the region of the brain that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Music Soothes the Soul

Developing a lifelong love of music promotes overall health, physical, emotional and cognitive functioning, interpersonal skills, personal development, and quality of life. “Musical performance is about skill, but it is also about communication, enthusiasm, style,” said Virginia Penhune, a psychology professor at Concordia University. Parents can help stimulate their kids’ interest in music.

Music and arts summer camps are a great way to introduce brain-building activities into children’s lives. Camppage lists music and arts summer camps in the United States and Canada. Camppage also features summer camp jobs in a wide variety of areas.