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September 2, 2012

After Sports Summer Camp is Over; Keep the Momentum Going

Sports summer camp - footballIt’s getting close to the end of the summer and school will soon be starting up again. Many parents and children are already talking about back to school shopping and getting prepared for the big first day of school. If your son or daughter attended sports summer camp and loved the sport they were immersed in, there are many ways to keep the momentum going and delve even deeper into what brought them so much satisfaction.

Encourage Your Child to Enroll in In-School Team Sports
The benefits of team sports are numerous but some of the most important ones are learning practice, patience and persistence, being around positive role models, and staying healthy. Sports is all about exercise, one thing children are lacking in this day and age of hand-held devices and technology. Exercise is proven to reduce fat, strengthen bones and muscle and improve flexibility and coordination. A healthy mind and body translates to doing well in school.

Team sports are social. In addition to the psychological and physical benefits, team sports provide kids a way to get social and connect with their friends and peers outside of school. They learn teamwork, communication, how to have fun and the value of hard work.

Show Your Child You Care And You Are Available
Help your child practice by spending time playing throw and catch, shooting hoops or playing tennis. Your child will appreciate your time and be more apt to develop healthy self esteem and the ability to stick with the game if they know they have your support. Be sure to drop them off and pick them up from practice on time or arrange for someone else to do so. It never fails that the little things in life are the building blocks of creating and maintaining healthy and trusting relationships with kids. All these things also tell your child you are available and they’ll be more apt to come to when they have a problem.

Book the Sports Summer Camp Early for Next Year
It’s amazing what having something to look forward to will do. Knowing they will see their friends and mentors at  sports camp again the next year can do wonders for their attitude and outlook on life not to mention their performance in school. Support them to keep in touch with the friends s/he made at sports summer camp.

Now that your child has returned from sports summer camp, there are many things you can do to help sustain the spark. Try one or two of them. They will help your child’s self esteem, deepen his/her passion and skill and even help your parent-child relationship.

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