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May 5, 2013

The Number of Children Diagnosed with ADHD On the Rise

ADHD Numbers Skyrocketing for Kids Age 4 to 17

Did you know that eleven percent of all children in the United States are affected by attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that number is 16% higher than it was in 2007.

Parents with kids affected by ADHD might wonder whether their child could have a positive experience at summer camp. The answer is: yes. There are many camps that specialize in services for children with ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, and other mental health challenges.

Summer Camp Is An Option for Special Needs Kids

There are special needs summer camps that focus on social skills, for kids who find it difficult to engage with their peers and who feel marginalized during the school year. These camps focus on activities that build self-esteem and help them interact in social settings. But that doesn’t mean they’ll skip the fun and games that they’d find at any other camp. Canoeing, sing-alongs, campfires, rock climbing, and nature walks are just a few of the enjoyable things available to campers.

Life skills camps help kids learn to work as part of a team, academic support camps, and treatment programs all focus on particular needs using techniques specific to the group. For kids with dyslexia, counselors incorporate classroom activities into the curriculum, in addition to rafting, hikes, riding horseback, spelunking, and other challenging activities.

Some camps work with the entire family to address issues that challenge the child throughout the year. Developmental specialists work with age-appropriate behavior modification techniques, so the kids maximize their proficiencies while mitigating some of the impulse control problems they experience.

Special needs summer camps can be a boon to kids who may find the world an overwhelming place to live. Camppage offers a broad choice of summer camps.