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January 3, 2012

5 Types of Sports Summer Camps Your Child May Enjoy

Children have a variety of interests as they grow. Every year they know more about the world and themselves. Parents are lucky enough to watch kids evolve into adults and to have the opportunity to play an influential or inspirational role. If you have a child interested in sports and athletic activities it may be a good idea to let your child explore more than one summer camp over the course of a few years. This allows kids to experience different forms of fitness and expression. Here are a few types of sports summer camps you may want to review with your child.

Soccer Summer Camps

Soccer is a sport loved around the world that requires speed, agility, strength and coordination. I can almost be compared to dancing. Trusting your instincts is also important in this game. Soccer summer camps can help boys and girls learn to work together with others as a team, understand the importance of cardio health, move gracefully. Parents can choose from day camps and overnight camps, and between soccer summer camps and general sports summer camps that offer a soccer program.

Basketball Summer Camps

Basketball, like soccer, can be compared to dancing. Basketball players require focus, strength, flexibility, speed and excellent aim. Basketball is a team sport that requires players to cooperate in order to achieve success. This can be a good practice for boys and girls of any age.  Basketball is also a great source of exercise and can help keep kids in shape and in good health.

Horseback Riding Summer Camps

Although some people would argue horseback riding is not a “sport”, if you have ever gone riding before you will know it takes skill and strength, as well as the abiloity to connect with the animal and have a positive rapport. Horseback riding is not for every child. The animals are large and it takes getting over fear and discomfort to really connect. Also animals have their own minds and it may take some time for them to warm up, a child with interest in horses must learn to be patient. Many summer camps teach a variety of horseback riding lessons including English and Western. Children also learn how to care for the animals properly and how to manage them responsibly.

Swimming and Diving Summer Camps

Swimming can be one of the best forms of exercise because it is considered a full body workout. Children that enjoy the water often love attending summer camp because of the time they get to spend at the lake. Learning to be a strong swimmer and diver is not only helpful for fitness and exercise in the long run. It also gives teenagers an opportunity to get life guarding jobs in order to make some money. Children not only learn to become better swimmers or divers; they also learn how to take care of each other and how to act responsibly in the water, whether it’s the lake, river or ocean.

Track and Field or Cross Country Running Summer Camps

Running is a skill not every child has. Some kids however learn at an early age that they have the endurance necessary to run long distances and the speed to run short distances.  It is important that they work with coaches and summer camp staff to learn how to build their strength and stay healthy. Whether a child wants to learn more about track and field or is specifcialy looking for help with cross country running and training, there are summer camps that can cater to your child’s needs. Summer Camps often offer a beautiful natural space in which kids can practice and race. Running teaches children persistence and helps them learn to believe in their own abilities.

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