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November 25, 2012

3 Ways Summer Sports Camps Nurture a Lifelong Enjoyment of Athletics

Summer is over and it’s back to school for kids and teens all over the world. For many, this means sitting behind a desk for most of the day with limited activity. Studies show that children need to move their bodies and stay active to be healthy. That’s where sports comes in. Sports provides the necessary activity and personal development kids need.

It can be a challenge to encourage a child to join a sport with all the work and time involved but summer sports camps are a great way to motivate them to get involved and continue to be active during the whole year. Here are some ways summer sports camps nurture a lifelong enjoyment of athletics:

Summer Sports Camps Offer High Quality Sports Education
Many sports summer camps employ coaches and staff who are professionals and dedicated to the sport. They have often played or coached the game professionally and provide all the experience, know-how, encouragement and skills to inspire kids and help them deepen their skills and become better at their sport. When kids get better at a sport they have more fun and want to play all the time.

Summer Sports Camps Teach Skill Enhancement
At sports summer camps, kids learn to improve their game, work hard and take their skills to the next level. They learn new techniques and become better players. This self confidence ignites a spark for a lifetime of physical activity and wellness. Sports skills are not the only thing kids learn at sports summer camp. They also learn teamwork, communication, relationship building, and leadership skills.

Summer Sports Camps Promote Self Confidence
There are lots of challenges that come with being involved in a sport. Kids need to learn how to problem solve and work out these challenges. Once they do, they gain self confidence and develop positive beliefs about themselves. And they make friends and have fun. There is nothing like working through a problem and learning how to work together that develops deep bonds of trust and friendship. Having good friends helps kids feel better about themselves and helps them weather the challenges they’ll face.

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