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About CampPage

What is the summer camp directory? is a comprehensive online directory of overnight summer camps, day camps, adventure camps and summer camp programs throughout the United States and Canada. Our number 1 priority is provide simple, affordable and effective online advertising for summer camp programs of all kinds. Our website offers easy to use search features easy for parents and  kids, as well as user friendly tools for camp directors to manage directory listings.

“You’ll be happy to know of the 10 or so Camp Directories we use, Camppage has by far given us the most ‘visits’. Our webmaster tracked the web-trends from Jan-Sept and Camppage generated roughly 2800 visits!! This is in comparison to 100, 200 or 700 from other sites. (the 2nd and 3rd highest were at 750 and 600 respectively).”- New York Camp

CampPage History

CampPage had meager beginnings in 1995 as a free website and was created as an alternative to overly expensive Internet services. Some camp internet directories advertise over 15,000 listings. You do the math- pretend you are a parent (or college student looking for a job) that is new to the web and looking for a camp. Having 15,000 choices doesn’t make it easy to find your camp. CampPage is simple to navigate around; visitors are nt required to answer a single question. Simply pick a state, gender, or activity & you’re off! Many visitors have praised the “ease of use” on  In 1998 CampPage expanded to include wilderness programs and in 2001 a Day Camps directory was added.

“Thank you very much! We get more inquiries from your site than from any others. Also your site is very well exposed through the search engines. Thanks again.” –C.H. (Camp Director)

Unfortunately CampPage was not able to remain free forever, but the mantra remains “simple, affordable, effective” to this day.

TrailRidge Mountain Camp was the first CampPage customer and had results right away with inquiries and a registration. Since TrailRidge only takes 10 campers the CampPage listing accounted for 10% of total registrations!!

“I am presently in Europe. I will send you our yearly payment next week. For your information, your site and are the two paying summer camp directories that are bringing the most visitors to our site.” – Canadian Camp

These humble beginnings have led down a path to success as one of the top summer camp directories currently online. Our team of camp experts continues to serve summer camp staff, camp directors, parents and kids across the US and Canada by providing innovative and user friendly online tools. Thank you for visiting the official CampPage blog! Come back soon.